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I am the Dreamaker and this is the Dreamaking Journal.... I host the New World Erotica Website at http://neworldbuilders.com and the after midnight erotica for ladies club at yahoo...

I am creating this journal to connect with new people throughout the world that share with me my passion for writing - painting - creating and building things... in a passionate and sensual way. Thus Dreamaking..

Simply put this is for all of you who seek more - and have a passion to strive for it - and express this passion through your art - writing - poetry - or even simply creating your own spot here on the on-line journal.

If you have thoughts - ideas - art - poetry - erotica - or anything creative that has to come out and been seen and discovered - share with the New World here. Afterall - nothing is ever made until you take those thoughts of yours and tranfer it to something... Let this be your "Something" - and start making your Dreams a reality this moment..