inspyretash (inspyre) wrote in dreamaking,

whipped cream

(Author's Note: funnily enough this was inspired by a popup I used on a male friend in Knightnet, so consquently I dedicated it to him.)
For rampi

...pours whipped cream all over rampi and asks coyly, Would you like me lick it off now?....
I look at the cream all over you as it starts to trickle in streams down your hot body.

"Do you think we should do something about that then?"
"Lick it off slowly." You say.

I move closer to you, breathing in your hot sweaty aroma, and running a finger along your collar bone, spreading the cream over my lips and licking it into my mouth. I look up at you to see a response.. then move my lips close to yours and tease you with my sweet breath, my nose brushes yours as I linger around your lips then suddenly move away and plant soft kisses along your neck, and down over your shoulders. My mouth leaving a clean trail of warm sticky flesh behind, and when I look up at you briefly I smile slightly and lick my lips. Again I tease your lips slowly parting mine as I press my body against yours the cream squishing between us. My tee becomes messy so I slide it up over my head and toss it aside, as I do so my breasts strain inside my bra, and I unclasp it from behind. This time my breasts fall out and I press them against your creamy chest. Slithering down lower I plant kisses along the middle of your belly then lick my way down to your waist. Kneeling I look up at you again with big blue-grey imploring eyes, and press a hand palm side down against your crotch. I wonder if you would mind this...

Reaching up with my hands towards your chest I allow you to help me up off of the floor and I let my tongue trace its own way upwards. Our bodies press together and my fingers fumble around your waist until I feel that your pants are free and are sliding down your legs to the floor. As you step out of them I lead you to a more comfortable place, back to your own li'l corner. (Rampi's corner.) We settle in against the cushions and I immediately continue licking at your chest until all the cream is cleaned away. My tongue runs in circles around your nipples, and I suck them one at a time into my mouth, at first they are so small, then they grow alittle stiffer. I press my breasts against you a little harder and slide one smooth leg over yours, until we are entwined. With my other free hand I let it rest over your manhood until I can feel it growing under my hand. Everything is so sticky now except for your big swollen member.

Resting up on an elbow and looking at your face I move my mouth closer to yours once more and finally allow our lips to touch, sucking gently on your top lip before sliding my tongue between your lips and sucking it into my mouth. You taste warm and delicious, my hands caress the back of your neck running in circles around and around. My tongue mimicks this as we kiss open mouthed, until I eventually yet reluctantly pull away and once again work my way down your neck in soft succulent kisses, over your shoulder, around your collar bone; drawing a nipple into my mouth and sucking on it harder this time. At the same time playing with your other one between my finger and thumb, squeezing and playing with it until that too is almost as stiff as the one inside my mouth. I continue with the kisses down your chest and across your belly, around your belly-button. I allow myself to slide down the cushions until my head is parallel to your hips, and your slightly hardened cock. Finding a comfy spot I begin with the delectable duty of lulling your 'cream' into service.

Maybe my hair tickles the crease between your hips and pelvis, that soft fleshy area of skin which I enjoy kissing and teasing you with tickles; as I rest my head against the top of your thigh. From here I can easily position my mouth over the tip of your cock, where I take a moment to breathe in your aroma before gently wrapping my lips around your it and running my tongue under the edge of that crease. I suck your head a little deeper inside my mouth still running circles around your head and up and down the shaft a little. Using my other free hand I caress the lower part of your cock and cup your balls, caressing them for a while. As I draw my lips up the length of your shaft I move my hand away from your balls to hold your cock whilst I lick the tip in quick little movements, back and forth across the top of it in butterfly strokes. This I repeat a few times working you up, teasing you with my tongue and stroking you at the same time; until I can sense you are getting quite worked up.

I move my head away from your cock and balls and begin planting kisses across your belly, over your chest, around your nipples and up along your neck until I reach your lips. Kissing you once quickly I position myself over you and press my pelvis against your hardness for a moment, then slide down the length of your body until I reach the tip of your cock with my mouth. In one swift movement I have drawn you into my mouth and am sucking you and teasing you with my tongue. With one hand I stroke your shaft gradually working up a rhythm, sucking and stroking at the same time, and with my other free hand I am caressing your balls. I can almost taste the essence of ‘cream’ as a little bit touches my tongue – the essence is the only bit that tastes nice to me.

My neck is getting sore as I continue to stroke and suck your cock until I am certain you are ready to reach your peak do I remove my mouth from the length of your shaft and leave them hovering just over the tip of your head. I quicken my stroking, awaiting the arrival of the ‘cream’ …now I am unsure what you would prefer me to do from here… I stall, undecided whether I should take all your cream in my mouth or watch as it shoots across your belly to land on your chest...
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