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(Author's Note: written in 2002, about 2 years after meeting my current partner.)

Her hands lightly traced the contours of his manhood as she sat bathed in an orange essence of flickering candlelight. Steam rose around them in wisps, drifting towards the silhouttes above and the warm water lapped against their bodies; it lulled them to a deeper awareness. His eyes were closed, lost in a surreal taste of mystery and surrender. Her moans of enjoyment met his ears as they echoed across the surface of rippled water.

She continued to bathe his ever-growing cock between her hands, gently lathering the soap more and more until there was more than enough of a lather. And then she began to run her hands up along the shaft then back down, up against his soapy shaft and back down along his veins. Up towards the majestic head of his cock then down towards his gallant balls, always in long, slow sweeps emphasising the upward strokes as she knew this satisfied him more. At times she would let her fingers roam and traced them in and around the hidden tunnels of his cock head, which was becoming increasingly longer and thicker as she bathed him in her own way.

Then abruptly she stopped and without warning she paused to rinse her own soft delicate folds of flesh in the depths between her crossed legs. She continued to watch his face, his eyes still closed, perhaps lingering on the edge of orgasm. And just before she knew he would open his eyes she moved her fingers down towards his balls and squeezed them gently, her touch was always light and loving. She giggled a little as one of his eyes flickered to life and he glanced down at his own manhood just visible under her hands, then into her eyes.

Gently she rubbed and caressed his balls first with her right hand then with her left, clensing the saop lather away, and then she moved up towards his shaft again in emphasised upward strokes and down with a looped finger behind his shaft. And then once all the soap had been washed away she moved both her hands away and paused momentarily as his eyes opened in longing. Greedily he silently tried pleading with her to continue and when that didn't work his voice echoed across the surface of the water.

Again she smiled back at him and returned his desire with a soft, warm wet kiss upon the very top of his shaft. This time it was he who moaned orgasmically as he felt her mouth swallowing his huge cock, ever-so slowly. As she drew him into her mouth she sucked and played with him running her tongue around the shaft and up and over the tip of the head. Always only using her mouth and tongue to hold him in her mouth, sucking him in then sliding her lips up towards his head and as she did so she let her tongue run wild around his majestic head. Then just as it felt as though her lips would leave his bejewlled cock she sucked him all back into her mouth. By this stage he was so huge that she couldn't go all the way down to the very bottom of his shaft, so she supplemented this by letting her fingers roam down towards his balls and then under the balls where she pressed firmly yet lightly on his sensitive area.

It was she that moaned now, becoming increasingly aroused by showering him with pleasure. So aroused in fact that she slid a wandering finger down towards her own pussy and discovered that she was oozing a wetness disimiliar of the bath water. She let it roam inside herself for a moment wiggling it around and around inside and pushing it against her G-spot as her moans grew louder.

His eyes were wide open now, watching her own self-pleasure as she teased her pussy with her fingers. He went to sit up from his spreadeagled position but she noticed the sudden lapping of water and withdrew her fingers from her own wetness. Returning them to the tip of his cock head where she planted a kiss one last time, before pulling away hoping he had enjoyed all that she given him and more; knowing that she would not receive nearly the same in return.

She watched him for a moment as he breathed heavily, the steam rising and dancing around them both before she stood up dramatically and stepped lightly out of the now luke-warm bath water; towelling herself off in the steamy candlelight. Within herself she felt warm and excited yet disappointed for what wasn't to come and then she blew the candles out one by one until they were left in complete darkness. She walked towards the door and flicked on the light switch giving him one last glance of curiousity before she left him alone and in bliss.
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